October 21, 2020
What type of Visa and category is best for me?
Answer: Your Visa and category is completely dependent on your profile and different factors related to you. Angad has team of experts how has ample experience and in depth knowledge of all these VISA and Category. After getting some initial information our experts suggest and guide you for the best suitable options for you and help you to select them.
Why Should i choose Angad in comparison to Others?
Answers: There are some specific reasons that makes Angad a better choice for you. Angad has been into consultancy for over a decade now with more than 2500 success stories to tell Angad is based world wide and can look after your needs better than anyone because of its experienced team. Last but not least meet us and feel the difference.
Is initial consultation is free?
Answer: Yes, your first consultation is absolutely free. 
What will be the expanse in complete process?
Answer: The total expense of your case will depend on the category you choose and also type of visa. Other expanses like embassy fees and other charges will be as per actual, so the final charges can be finalized only on the time of putting the case.
What will be the complete process flow for Immigration and how much total time it will take?
Answer: We will assess your case and if eligible we would validate your documents and other supporting documents relating to your educational qualifications, experience, etc and get them verified from the respective assessing authorities and then file your case for immigration. The time of each step varies from country to country but with our experienced team we assure you that it will be the least in the industry. The advantage of hiring Angad would be that our experience would help you submit the right document as per the requirements in the right format so that the objections if any would be non existence. 
What special i will get with Angad?
Answer: Every aspirant is special to Angad and everyone associated with us will get preferential treatment from our unbeatable support team of experts. We at Anaga will make all the steps towards processing your case smooth and easy. There are various ways through which you can have support from Angad. All our clients will have an access to our online portal which will help them in knowing the progress of their case at every step, you will not have to visit or call us every time. But this does not mean you cant visit us to discuss your case you can still do it with your allocated personal consultant from the very day you engaged our services. It not only makes the whole process easy and systematic but also save your time, efforts and money too.
What will be the modes of communication with Angad?
Answer: There are various modes of communication with Angad. After registration with Angad you will get login to our online system where you will get every update of  you case. You can also communicate with us through that system. With this you can also contact us through mail, Phone and Skype. In case of any requirement you are most welcome to our Office for face to face integration.
Do Angad deal in rejected cases?
Answer: We at Angad also specialize in rejected cases as with our experience in the industry. We know the mistakes other not so experienced consultants make and since we have a very good reputation with the immigration authorities attained with good and genuine relationship if we approach the authorities with genuine appeals they are heard and accepted favorably.