October 21, 2020


Service Industry in today’s time forms the backbone of the society. It has come many a miles from the last few decades with more and more emphasis being laid down on deliverables than the products itself. World has become quality conscious and with each product there is a deliverable attached in terms of the service the company can provide both before and after the product or service is bought. A product is tangible but service is felt and is the heart and soul of any company. What distinguishes one company from another is the type of service it provides. One of such services is consultancy service which has grown many folds in this century. Angad Info is also one such consultancy service provider who strives in providing customers its services in immigration matters and helps its clients to successfully migrate with ease.


Since 2005, Angad Info Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has come has come a long way in providing the ocean of opportunities which subsist in Immigration and Visa Consultancy. Anagd is one of the leading immigrations consultants of Chandigarh not to mention India too. We are the specialist visa services provider for Australia and Canada in addition provide hassle free visa service to other countries as well. Angad also deals in the other popular visas like student visa, tourist visa, family migration and business immigration. Our services rank among the best in the industry which is supported by a hardcore professional team of qualified professionals with over a decade of immigration experience. Our office in Sydney, NSW,  Australia houses our founder directors and key members of the organization. This helps in keeping abreast with the latest developments as and when they take place and in addition helps keep our earn to the ground where it matters the most.



Angad has excellent track record with more than 1000s of success stories. Now we are in process of expanding offering the opportunity to be partner with us. For further details and enquiry you can mail at raj@angadinfo.com